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Shoots at 9 fps. High resolution. Excellent OLED EVF. Fast auto-focus. Built-in GPS.Low-quality lens kit. No optical finder. Performance suffers when using slower memory cards.The 24 mega-pixels Sony a65 is capable of snapping shots at a super fast 9 fps, however is constrained by a kit lens that just isn't up to the standard of the high resolution image sensor.

The Sony a65 signifies a departure from the conventional DSLR design and style. This second generation model feels and looks like most other DSLRs, till you place the camera around your eye. An OLED EVF optical finder which is crisp and bright replaces the conventional pentamirror or pentaprism. Traditionalists may dislike the concept of an electronic optical finder, however the a65 design allows extremely quick auto-focus and nonstop shooting. The camera handles perfectly, but the flaws with the bundled zoom lens (18-55mm) are magnified due to the large resolution 24 mega-pixels image sensor. Sony features a variety of excellent lenses included in its lineup should you wish to shoot using better glass, but you’ll want to think about the extra cost whenever budgeting for the camera. The a65 is an outstanding camera, whenever used in combination with better lenses-it can even manage to rival the Nikon D4 ($5,995.95) when it comes to frame rate. However, with the current lens kit, it cannot oust the Nikon D5200 ($696.95) as our Editors’ Choice for sub-$1000 D-SLRs.


Design and Features

The a65 is pretty compact for a D-SLR, although it comes at the cost of some control buttons. It’s body dimensions are 3.9 by 5.3 by 3.3 in . (HWD) and also weighs about 1.4 lbs without the lens. In this respect it’s like the Canon EOS Rebel T3i ($899.99), which happens to be 3.9 by 5.2 by 3.1 in . (HWD) and 1.1 lbs. The camera has only one control wheel, positioned on the front grip, which restricts on-the-fly settings alterations in comparison to models which feature both front and back dials.

The camera has a snappy menu system which compensates for a few lacking buttons. Clicking the Function switch introduces an overlay screen which allows you to change many typical shooting settings including the ones that are also incorporated in the dedicated controls. This would supply you with a certain degree of flexibility when you use the camera, since you can configure controls to fit your shooting style.

The a65 utilizes a set translucent mirror, as opposed to a conventional flipping SLR mirror. It allows the majority of the light entering through the lens to go straight to the camera’s image sensor, and the tiny bit which it reflects goes right to the auto-focus sensor. Due to this, the a65 makes use of the electronic OLED view-finder, that is one of the camera’s many strong points. It’s bright, large, and crisp even if utilizing it in dim environments.


Performance and Conclusions

The a65 will start up and a take a shot in about 0.8 second, and provides a shutter lag of only 0.1 second. The camera is truly a speed demon with regards to burst shooting, capturing images every 0.13 second when shooting in Raw mode. You will want to make certain that you’re utilizing a fast memory card when capturing with the a65.

The a65 is able to capture stunning videos with different levels of quality. It is able to capture AVCHD footage at 1080i60, 1080p60, and 1080p24 at several different frame rates. At 60p footage the recording is incredibly smooth, while the 24p setting can provide your videos with cinematic flicker that’s familiar to enthusiasts of classic cinema. The auto-focus program does a fantastic job by keeping up with the video recording. Wind noise can be an concern when shooting outside, but you can address this issue by using an external microphone to reduce this effect, but bear in mind that Sony has continues to utilize Minolta’s proprietary hot-shoe design, so you will need to track down an adapter to attach a typical shoe mount mic. An adapter may be found at a photo specialty shop for lower than $20.

You will get a lot of connectivity choices. Mini-HDMI as well as standard mini-USB ports enable you to connect to a pc or HDTV. Additionally, there are connectors for an optional AC adapter and a wired remote-control. The a65 supports several memory cards including SDHC, SD, SDXC, Memory-Stick PRO Duo, Memory-Stick PRO-HG Duo HX, and Memory-Stick Pro-HG Duo.

The Sony a65 is certainly one great camera. It’s 24 mega-pixels sensor means that you can print huge images, also it is able to shoot more than a dozen pictures at 9 fps with constant auto-focus. The OLED EVF is brighter and larger when compared to pentamirror finders which are usually present in most mid-range and entry-level D-SLRs, similar to the one found in the Canon Rebel T3i. The video quality is great, and the camera’s auto-focus is effective when recording video footage. It is able to shoot a lot faster than many other DSLRs in this budget range, roughly doubling the speed of the Nikon D5200-but you will have to purchase a fast memory card to make the most of the camera’s speed.



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